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A letter from our CEO

Dear Friends: 

For over two decades, I have been intricately involved in Commercial Real Estate by creating companies like Commercial Defeasance / Defease with EaseTCAM Asset ManagementIMS, EntityKeeper, and TraderTool, as well as through the management of my own properties.   

It is no secret that this industry thrives and grows on the power of relationships. We have been through some tough times; the dot.com bust, the 9/11 tragedy, and the crash of ‘08.  From each of these times, we have relied on partnerships and relationships to carry us through the tough times, and together here we are again facing yet another challenge.   

We understand that accessing, visualizing and interpreting real-time data (per property and across your portfolio) has never been more important than now. Therefore, I have decided to provide our newest and most powerful platform, Lobby CRE, to our colleagues and customers at no cost until we all have better visibility into the current situation 

We know Lobby CRE can provide great insights to you and your company and are excited to be able to offer our product free of charge because we are privately owned and well-funded.  Our team is here to help with any questions or comments. 

Our thoughts are with you, your team members, and your family during this uncertain time. 

Best regards,

Robert J. Finlay, CPM®

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